Wipro and Intel Foundry Forge Innovations in Semiconductor Industry

Wipro Intel Foundry semiconductor collaboration

Wipro Ltd, a prominent IT services firm, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with US chipmaker, Intel Foundry. This new partnership entails Wipro engineers working on Intel’s latest ’18A’ chip node, set to revolutionize cutting-edge consumer electronics devices in the upcoming years.

Although the exact magnitude of the deal remains undisclosed by Wipro, industry insiders suggest it could be one of the company’s most significant signings in the last three years. The collaboration aims to cater to chip designs across automotive, industrial, and telecommunications sectors, focusing on “generative AI-driven designs,” as highlighted in an exchange filing by Wipro.

Atul Kapur, vice-president and business head for hi-tech at Wipro, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that it marks a substantial stride towards establishing Wipro in the semiconductor industry. Kapur emphasized the significance of supporting chip supply and manufacturing, along with targeting new markets, especially in the generative AI space.

The involvement of Wipro engineers in Intel’s ’18A’ node underscores their contribution to the latest technological advancements in Intel’s chips, paving the way for custom-manufacturing and design.

Under the terms of the deal, Wipro will leverage custom chip designs from clients, utilizing Intel’s process nodes to facilitate access to required chips. Custom chip designs play a pivotal role in crafting fully tailored processors, addressing specific market needs in terms of efficiency and performance.

According to Gartner, the semiconductor industry anticipates a robust annualized revenue growth of 16.8%, with custom chip design playing a central role.

The partnership with Intel Foundry holds significant promise for Wipro, particularly amidst projections of a potential decline in operating revenue. This development comes alongside organizational changes, including the departure of Wipro’s former head of large deals, Stephanie Trautman.

Despite recent challenges, Wipro’s collaboration with Intel Foundry signifies a strategic move towards innovation and market expansion, underscoring its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the semiconductor domain.


As part of the deal, Wipro will take custom chip designs from clients, and use Intel’s process nodes to let businesses get access to required chips. REUTERS (REUTERS)

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