Rubrik Inc.’s Strategic Expansion in India’s Cybersecurity Realm: Fortifying Data Security Amidst Digital Growth

Rubrik Inc, a cloud data management and security startup based in the United States, is gearing up to broaden its presence in India. With the surge in cyber threats, this Microsoft-backed company aims to expand through strategic acquisitions, capitalizing on the burgeoning landscape of data and digital growth. Operating in India for over six years, accounting for a third of its global operations, Rubrik is currently in discussions with several local startups.

The company’s core mission revolves around fortifying global data security. Anticipating the cybercrime industry to soar to a staggering $10 trillion by 2025, Rubrik envisions cybersecurity becoming the world’s third-largest economy. Bipul Sinha, Rubrik’s chairman, co-founder, and CEO, highlighted a report projecting a potential ransomware attack occurring every two seconds within the coming decade.

Rubrik’s Strategy in India

Speaking to the Economic Times, Sinha emphasized the inevitability of cyber-attacks and stressed India’s growing need for robust cyber defense. This urgency stems from the expanding digital footprint, especially in light of the recently announced Digital India Act and Digital Personal Data Protection framework.

Additionally, Rubrik is collaborating with an Indian cyber insurance provider, specifically targeting financial services firms. Sinha noted these companies’ significant data holdings and their proactive stance in adopting intellectual property (IP) and cybersecurity practices, given the stringent global and Indian regulatory framework.

Earlier in July, Rubrik rolled out a $10-million ransomware recovery warranty campaign in India. This initiative pledges to cover the expenses incurred in restoring protected data if retrieval efforts fail.

Established a decade ago, Rubrik has increased its Indian workforce to 1,000 employees and aims to further expand its team.

The company serves over 5,000 enterprise clients, boasting names like Pepsico, Honda, GSK, Sephora, and Home Depot.

Sinha underlined the importance of educating customers, advocating that relying solely on attack prevention might lead to inadequate preparedness. Rubrik aims to assist India while ensuring digital trust, aligning with its commitment to support companies in devising comprehensive security plans.

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