Jio Ventures into AI Realm: Unveiling Bharat GPT in Collaboration with IIT Bombay

Reliance Jio, having made remarkable strides in telecommunications and streaming, is now charting its course into the realm of artificial intelligence. During the annual Techfest at IIT Bombay, Chairman Akash Ambani revealed Jio’s ambitious AI endeavor called Bharat GPT, a joint initiative with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

This latest AI project, Bharat GPT, marks a significant step for Jio as it expands its horizons beyond telecommunications. Ambani emphasized that this initiative is set to permeate through all facets of the company. “We have been working on a project with IIT Bombay to launch the Bharat GPT programme,” said Ambani, articulating the comprehensive nature of this collaborative effort.

Highlighting the scope of Bharat GPT, Ambani underlined its prospective impact across sectors, envisioning the next decade to be dominated by extensive language models and generative AI. The venture aims to catalyze new developments in media, commerce, communications, and devices within Jio’s domain.

Moreover, Jio is poised to introduce its proprietary operating system for televisions, reinforcing its commitment to innovation. “We have been working on our own OS for TVs and we are comprehensively thinking about how to launch it,” Ambani disclosed.

While the precise release date for Bharat GPT remains undisclosed, expectations are high for an announcement in the initial months of 2024. Ambani hinted at the prospect of Jio 2.0 but refrained from providing further details.

Anticipated as an AI tailored for Jio’s telecom products, Bharat GPT is envisioned to function seamlessly across platforms, potentially activated through voice commands and gestures. The primary objective is to streamline user experiences and reduce human research hours across the Jio ecosystem.

The unveiling of Bharat GPT signifies Jio’s strategic foray into the AI landscape, promising transformative changes in its operations and service offerings, with a strong emphasis on innovation and technological advancement.

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