iPhone Production in India Under the Oversight of Tata

While the agreement for Tata to manufacture iPhones in India has been confirmed, it’s essential to clarify that no particular Tata company will directly produce iPhones at this juncture. Here’s the breakdown of the situation:

Tata Electronics Pvt Ltd (TEPL), the manufacturing arm of the Tata Group, acquired Wistron’s India iPhone manufacturing unit in October 2023. This acquisition implies that Tata takes over the existing infrastructure and operations of Wistron in India, which are currently responsible for iPhone production. Wistron continues to function as a contract manufacturer for Apple, and this arrangement is likely to persist even after the acquisition is finalized. Consequently, Wistron employees will technically continue assembling iPhones under the Tata umbrella. In the future, TEPL may assume a more direct role in iPhone manufacturing. However, the extent of Tata’s involvement is yet to be determined. This could involve establishing additional production lines, creating specialized components, or potentially developing their own iPhone models under Apple’s license. While a distinctive “Tata iPhone” may not appear in the market in the immediate future, the acquisition signifies a significant stride in India’s journey towards becoming a prominent iPhone manufacturing hub, with Tata playing a pivotal role in this transition.

Additional Details:

  • The acquired facility is situated in Bengaluru and currently operates four assembly lines for iPhone 14 production.
  • The deal is anticipated to create substantial employment opportunities in India.
  • This move aligns with Apple’s strategy to diversify its manufacturing base and reduce reliance on China.

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